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Best Beacon Application Development Company in India

JPM Infotech is the best beacon application development company in India.

We are dedicated towards developing the beacon applications and we are well-known for developing the most effective and fascinating beacon mobile applications. Beacon technology uses mobile applications to deliver contextualized content as per the proximity and that’s why beacons have started the new era of digital marketing.


Beacon Meaning


The beacon is an economically priced hardware, which uses low-energy and battery-friendly Bluetooth connections for transmitting messages or sends reminder directly to the Smartphone or a tablet. The beacon has completely transformed the way how retailers, transit systems, event organizers, educational institutions and business enterprises communicate with the people indoors.

Opportunities with the beacon technology are vast and infinite. Being the best beacon application development company in India, JPM Infotech has specialized in the beacon application development so we can make smart and attractive android mobile applications which are compatible with the beacon technology.

What is the Beacon Technology?


A beacon device transmits information using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals to all the neighboring Bluetooth empowered smart devices like Android phones, tablets, phablets, and more. The beacon transactions include just three values, including UUID, a major value and a minor value.


Suppose, a user enters in a store with the beacon application installed on his/her smartphone. If the store had the broadcaster beacon device installed, it will detect the smallest data packet transferred from this broadcaster. The triggered data can be anything like product details, offers, coupons or some deals.


The Future of Beacon


At JPM Infotech, we believe that beacon technology is among the best ten mobile technologies of the future! Beacons allow mobile apps to become aware of delivering contextualized content depending on the proximity. Beacons help in getting more comprehensive and truthful analytics. That’s why the beacon technology will advance with more identifying options in the future. Being the key element in the IoT (Internet of Things), Beacon will be an important part of the Mobile World in the future!


Walk-in, Get Notified, Take Benefit

Walk-in to the Place

Just walk-in to the neighboring place like restaurants or cafes.

Get Notifications

You will get notified about merchant’s promotions on your Smartphone.

Redeem Immediately

Show your offer notification or code to the merchant and get the benefit.


Beacon Android Application Development Services

At JPM Infotech, we provide the best beacon application development services in India including:
  • Prototype Structure and Design of the Beacon Application Idea
  • Beacon Android Application Design
  • Beacon Android Application Development
  • Beacon Backend Development Solutions
  • UI/UX Development of the Beacon Business Application
  • Beacon Application Maintenance

How JPM Infotech Will Help You in Beacon Android App Development?


As beacon technology has become a “hot cake”, we have learned this technology deeply. We have made many experiments with the beacon and we feel very proud that we have achieved great expertise with highly motivated professionals in the beacon android app development. We are well equipped with the deep sound knowledge, methods, infrastructure and the procedures involved in development, design, and deployment of the beacon app development. Our desire to innovate has kept us motivated to update our knowledge and skills with the beacon technology and IoT.

Where the Beacons and Beacon Android Applications Created by JPM Infotech Can Be Used?

The possibilities with the beacon technology and smart Bluetooth are enormous and endless. So, let’s see where you can use beacons and beacon android applications created by JPM Infotech:


In retail stores, the coupons are delivered through beacons to the customers’ phones for collecting data as well as organize different ad campaigns and loyalty programs. The retailers are the first evident market for the beacons. Attract incoming customers through an immediate discount notification into their Smartphones through BLE.

With payments, the beacons can make automatic payments when a person leaves any location, in order that the payment gets effortless!

You can also use beacons at sporting and music events to communicate data, provide complementary content, or sales promotions. Many League Baseball stadiums have beacon technology in their ballparks.

Beacons can be used for delivering content as well. For example, in London, a café has implemented beacons for delivering content. They’ve tied up with a digital publishing company for pushing free digital content to the customers.

The beacons can be used at the train stations, airports, and metropolitan transit hubs for giving alerts to the travelers about changes, delays, and climate conditions.

People can use beacons for sending them reminders while they’re in the certain parts of their homes, for example, asking if they’ve memorized to switch off the corridor light.

Beacon apps can also be used in the Hospitality industry in hotels for providing superior facilities and new experiences to the clients. You can also make bill payments through beacon mobile payments or providing complete information on the suite booked. You can also implement beacons to provide easy flexibility.

Beacons can be used to provide location-based details as well as navigational instructions to the visitors at malls, museums, libraries or associated areas.

Give insightful information about the real estate, lands, apartments, products, or services to the visitors on their Smartphones instantly. You are not required to visit your customers personally for explaining the information required about your property, apartments, or real estate deals.

Retailers of brick-and-mortar business and eCommerce stores can utilize beacons for connecting shoppers that walk down the physical corridors of the digital storefronts. If a consumer walks past any displays, the retailers may send them to the online portal, which may offer discounts or cross-sell opportunities for that. Retailers can also analyze the in-store traffic depending on how many persons have walked past the beacons. The marketers can also monitor what influence the push notifications will have on the eCommerce sales.

A beacon can be utilized for employees’ Time In-Time Out management in the workplace, which helps the offices as well as employees to get rid of the old ‘timesheet’ system. This also helps in removing clocking in-out of the employees.

When the sales staff goes into the field, they can submit the DSR with the help of GPS after attending the client so that the office staff gets all the data about the call and the customers immediately.

With beacons, you can send group notifications or community updates to certain people, group or community. They can be useful when you when you want to send a message, notification or updates to a certain group of people.

Beacon is a location-based technology, which is cost effective and energy saving and we can use it for tracking the resources. Beacon android applications can be built to track kids, restaurant tables or pets.

Beacon technology provides a great opportunity for physically challenged and blind people. For example, visualize a conference auditorium equipped with the beacon devices and beacon mobile application. With the help of this set up, all the blind people can navigate different sections with this beacon mobile application which detects as well as guide a person for easy navigation.

With a beacon and a beacon mobile application, the visitors in a Zoo can get notifications, images or videos when they are near to certain attractions. In museums, when the visitor is facing any object, the beacon mobile app offers all the important information regarding that object.

Beacons can be helpful in all types of automation, whether it’s home, industrial or commercial. For example, the garage door which opens automatically, lights which go on/off as and when you want them to be using beacon technology and smart Bluetooth.

A beacon android application helps a great deal in proximity marketing with diverse business verticals. It becomes easy to advertise and interact in a more applicable way with the customers to push services and products at the right time, at the right place as well as in the right way. The customers will get instant and appropriate offers when they enter the store or pass through any grocery shop.


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