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JPM Infotech is among the best Marketing Process Outsourcing companies in India, providing outsourcing services that are specially designed to fulfill quick changing requirements of the new-age businesses.


Our Marketing Process Outsourcing services also consist of provisioning outsourced business solutions including go-to-market for new services and products, new markets management and entry of the new or current revenue and business channels.

What is Marketing Process Outsourcing?

Marketing Process Outsourcing means to outsource diverse activities associated with the marketing. The main purpose of digital Marketing Process Outsourcing is to reach higher working competence so that the companies can concentrate more on their core business areas and it will directly help the organization to gain more profits. There are many Marketing Process Outsourcing companies in India like JPM Infotech, which undertake different marketing assignments.

As a function, digital Marketing Process Outsourcing is useful to any organization, because:

  • It gives the organization additional control on all the marketing operations.
  • It helps the organizations to deal with their clients’ management issues.
  • It helps an organization to understand the clients’ requirements better and deliver the services accordingly.

Why Marketing Process Outsourcing?

In today’s world of digital media marketing, things are technology driven and change very quickly. Therefore, the objective of marketing management in the organizations has become universal. Now, the majority of marketing tasks can be done online using on-demand tools that can be used from anywhere. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model is growing strong in the organizations worldwide, improving their online execution capability.

Getting expertise in areas like customer analytics, lead management, or mail management is not possible for all the companies. So, more and more companies are looking for Marketing Process Outsourcing partners.

Any organization needs to outsource sales & marketing when:

  • It launches a new service or product and requires aggressive marketing.

  • It makes expansion in the new territories.

  • It requires skilled and trained manpower at low cost.

  • It wants to execute sales campaigns like telemarketing, email marketing, cold calling, Telesales, tele-calling, or just to get some dependability into the sales & marketing procedure.

A business requires an agency that can deliver what it desires. With brilliant planning, creativity, and media buying, strong execution and think tank is also required that looks ahead and monitor market and competitors.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is an intended third-generation Internet-based service, which collectively involves what might be called as ‘the intelligent Web’. People, who use the semantic web, natural language search, micro formats, machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence technologies, and recommendation agents, give emphasis to the machine-facilitated understanding about information to give a more intuitive and productive user experience.

Marketing 3.0

Marketing 3.0 takes the thought of marketing to the world of human ambitions, spirit, and values. According to Marketing 3.0, the consumers are human beings and their hopes and requirements shouldn’t be neglected.

Marketing 3.0 = Emotional Marketing + Human Spirit Marketing

Marketing 3.0 is a part of the Web 3.0. The objective of Marketing 3.0 is to make the whole world a better place. The enabling force of it is the new wave technology. Now, the companies see a consumer as a whole human having heart, mind, and spirit. The main marketing concept here is ‘Values’. The value propositions of Marketing 3.0 are Functional, Emotional, and Spiritual with many-to-many collaborations for consumer’s interaction.

Marketing 3.0 is different from its forerunners and it actively weakens them too. In case, your marketing plan fails to get used to this new concept, it will work in opposition to you.

Facts about the Business Process Outsourcing Industry

As per the predictions of the IDC (International Data Corporation), the Business Process Outsourcing industry worldwide would reach $210 billion by the year 2017. However, digital channels - together with robotics & analytics - are creating a serious challenge to the lower end marketing Business Process Outsourcing work, particularly for the contact centers.

According to the Dimension Data Report, "Customers below the age group of 40 would use web chat and social media more than any other ways to achieve their expected service outcomes. So, the message is very clear: include digital channels in your overall business strategy, or face loss."

The Business Process Outsourcing industry is growing at the annual rate of 5-6 % and it is at the inflection point, mainly due to how the digital is shifting businesses. The low end BPOs like contact centers have an enormous market of $70-$80 billion is getting pressurized. Only companies having value-added services and strong tech investments are likely to survive in the future.

How the BPOs Have Transformed?

  • Companies like the American Express, British Airways, and GE Capital had started their voice-based BPOs India during the ‘90s.

  • Today, the Business Process Outsourcing has converted into the Business Process Management (BPM) industry, providing an array of services, which consist of Research & Analytics, as well as Outsourcing of services like Engineering, Legal Process, Knowledge Process, Supply Chain & Procurement, and Accounting & Finance.

  • More than 500 companies are working in the Indian offshore industry. The revenue generated from the Indian BPM sector during the year 2014-15 is $27 Billion and it is expected to touch $50 Billion by the year 2020.

(Source: PTI)

What Types of Organizations Can Get Benefits from Marketing Process Outsourcing?

  • Small or medium-sized organizations that don’t have an internal, formal marketing set-up

  • Small or medium-sized organizations that are rapidly growing and need additional help in managing the growth

  • Larger organizations that are getting smaller and need some marketing support like an addition to the current marketing set-up

  • Larger organizations that are rapidly growing and need additional help in managing the growth

  • C2C Companies that want to enter in the B2B business

  • MNCs that are coming in India
  • New Entrants

  • Organizations concentrating on the B2B or Enterprise Sales

  • Organizations in niche services and solutions

  • Organizations that want to develop their business territories

  • Organizations that want to decrease the resources or budget in the marketing

  • Regional players that want to go into new geography

Marketing Tasks Ideal for Marketing Process Outsourcing:

There are many marketing tasks, which are ideal for digital Marketing Process Outsourcing:

  • A plain one-to-four page flyer

  • Data cleansing, managing, and updating

  • Document management

  • Event Coordination

  • Marketing Mix Modelling that models different marketing scenarios to get the maximum ROI

  • Product Sheets

  • Presentation services that support sales

  • Secondary research that helps the sales team

  • Web Analytics

  • Web Creative

Potential Market of Marketing Process Outsourcing

There are many Sales and Marketing Process Outsourcing trends in the outsourcing market, which provide opportunities to the Marketing Process Outsourcing (Marketing Process Outsourcing) service providers. The main potential lies in different domains like Cloud Computing, Social, and Mobile. The skills shortage, search for some added values and amplified demand for specialized service providers create opportunities. Let’s go through all the Sales and Marketing Process Outsourcing points:

The market is dealing with the shortage of skills. With the quick emergence of new technologies and unifying platforms, there are always requirements of potential skills. These skills are unavailable in the market because of the low esteem of academic IT education. The skills shortage is related to cloud computing, big data, and mobile computing. This trend provides interesting opportunities to the Marketing Process Outsourcing service providers.

Cloud computing is among the major trends of the service outsourcing business. Cloud computing is the provision of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and BPaaS (Business Processes as a Service) like web-based services. The main benefits of cloud computing include cost flexibility (the customer needs to pay only for what he uses), scaling operations’ flexibility and self-services (the customers can create/order innovative services online).

The utilization of mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones is rising very quickly. What’s more, many new operating systems are coming out, which results in the rising demands of mobile application development. A lot of companies outsource their mobile application development requirements for specialized service providers and the main reasons behind that include lower costs, concentration on the core competences, or the lack of Information Technology expertise.

The demands for social application services are increasing. And with the mobile application development services, a lot of companies are outsourcing social application services to the dedicated Marketing Process Outsourcing service providers. With the continuing increase in the popularity of social media, companies require new business forms, which consist of social applications or functions, for instance, blogging tools or templates for building marketing campaigns on the current social media platforms.

The market of outsourcing services has matured considerably. For the first-generation outsourcers, costing is the main operator for outsourcing. Though, second generation outsourcers are always looking for other operators to more develop the association with Marketing Process Outsourcing service providers. Furthermore, they want the Marketing Process Outsourcing service providers to work as business partners that understand their business and help them in driving the development and efficiency.

Companies are always looking for the expert service providers having proficiency in the service or specific industry. What's more, many companies have the environments where many service providers as well as delivery models exist together. Rather than having one service provider the delivers all the services, nowadays companies select the finest suppliers for different services.

Qualities You Need in Your Marketing Process Outsourcing Partner

To become as resourceful and associated as possible, the business enterprises are turning towards Marketing Process Outsourcing to simplify their marketing requirements, including content creation, design, localization services, and multi format distribution among the others. Effectively, a Marketing Process Outsourcing partner can help you create and drive the large-scale marketing strategy, accumulating the puzzle sections from different departments and sections right through the world. Here are some qualities you need in your Marketing Process Outsourcing partner.

A worldwide presence is Marketing Process Outsourcing to centralize the workflows when localizing the messages and strategies. Your Marketing Process Outsourcing partner will help you manage the operational teams with different time zones, making sure that the marketing engines are running nonstop without headcounts or team exhaustion constraints.

A Marketing Process Outsourcing service provider with global capabilities has a bird’s-eye view of all the all operations on a constant basis. So, they can recognize and replace the procedures more quickly, which are not optimized or awkward.

The CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) are always eminent storytellers, and your Marketing Process Outsourcing partner should also do the same! Your Marketing Process Outsourcing should represent the CMO’s story and approach well so that it’s emulated in all the marketing proposals and tailor-made for every individual market, to make sure that the brand’s main spirit shines through.

Your Marketing Process Outsourcing partner should not quarterback all the marketing actions from all the regions; however, it should measure them also. It is a vital skill set so it should be on the top of the listing if a Marketing Process Outsourcing partner is used for streamlining and maximizing the worldwide marketing strategy. Particularly, these service providers can analyze data and arrange it in such a way that it can help the decision making in the best possible way.

Challenges of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

In the recent article published online on Michael Gass’ blog, the Fuel Lines have given an IBM study of over 1,700 Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). This ever-changing marketing background and the requirement of making fundamental changes in the conventional marketing methods are at the top of mind and rated as a critical priority. Though, CMOs are constantly challenged to deal with these key transformations in marketing.

This study has shown four main challenges, which the CMOs are confronting everywhere:

  • The Explosion of Data - 90% of the world’s data today has been created in the last two years alone.

  • The Rise of Social Media – 56% of CMOs view social media as a key engagement channel.

  • Channel and Device Choices – The growing number of new marketing channels and devices, from smart phones to tablets, is quickly becoming a priority for CMOs.

  • Shifting Demographics – New global markets and the influx of younger generations with different patterns of information access and consumption are changing the face of the marketplace.

(Source: IBM Study, Fuel Lines Website)

Some other challenges of CMOs include:

  • Budgeting

  • Building innovative marketing capabilities

  • Changing as per new buying behaviors of the consumers

  • Keeping up with the modern advances

  • Marketing complexity

  • Optimization

  • Shaping up the public profile of company

  • Signifying ROI

Operations of Chief Marketing Officers

Professional CMOs are always passionate about their profession, having enormous knowledge of all the marketing things. They can keep the balance between a practical attitude and innovative business insight to

lead the people during the Marketing Process Outsourcing marketing operations.

The main operations of CMOs include:

  • Build an extremely competent team of marketing professionals

  • Build a reliable network of strategic alliances

  • Coordinate with the other departments and guide an amalgamated approach to the customer services, distribution, etc., which meets the market demands

  • Create roadmap of a product

  • Design and manage PR, promotional campaigns, as well as other marketing endeavors across the channels (press, digital, etc.)

  • Develop and evaluate key metrics of the business like user acquisition, engagement rates, conversion rates, renewal rates, and satisfaction

  • Develop realistic marketing plans for the department to supervise the day-to-day implementation

  • Develop segmentation, prospecting, competitive analysis, lead generation, pricing, promotions, market and product development, budgets and communications, strategic planning, sales-force effectiveness, revenue retention, service units and growth

  • Identify marketing strategies and support the overall objectives and strategies of the company

  • Keep an eye on all the latest trends in the market as well as regulate company’s marketing research efforts

  • Plan and arrange marketing operations and functions (like product development, communications, branding, etc.), and make sure that they envisage the company’s sole “voice”

  • Supervise the new products development

Advantages of JPM Infotech


Cost Effective

JPM Infotech is extremely cost effective compared to the in-house marketing functions.

Skilled Professionals

By hiring our company, your organization gets immediate and constant access to the experienced and skilled marketing professionals


By outsourcing core marketing functions of JPM Infotech, the management can concentrate on their key business models.


We are an extremely reliable agency that will keep all your data confidential.


We can link many gaps, which exist in the conventional marketing models of coordinating with several agencies.


We can substitute or supplement your in-house sales and marketing efforts flawlessly.

Great Partner

With JPM Infotech, you will get a partner that can help you meet all your business objectives.

Best ROI

We provide the best ROI With best planning and strategy in marketing, competitive selling, timely implementation.
Still not sure?

Why Partner with JPM Infotech?

We have collective experience of Enterprise and SMB (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) sales & marketing.

We have experience of launching newer products, enterprise sales & marketing, product management, and managing marketing funds.

We have knowledge of consultants, partners, and customers in metros and upcountry in the different verticals.

We have the understanding of business procedures of different industries with different territories in a metro or upcountry markets

JPM Infotech is among the best Marketing Process Outsourcing companies in India, providing outsourcing services that are specially designed to fulfil quick changing requirements of the new-age businesses and an array of the marketing projects to the end-to-end management about sales & marketing programs. Our Marketing Process Outsourcing services also consist of provisioning outsourced business solutions including go-to-market for new services and products, new markets management and entry of the new or current revenue and business channels.

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JPM Infotech is among the best Marketing Process Outsourcing companies in India, providing outsourcing services that are specially designed to fulfil quick changing requirements of the new-age businesses.

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